PX4 Dev Call: April 27, 2022

April 27, 2022

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Q.1 : Servo Control by UAVCAN - Dave

  • Currently in the Doc, it’s mentioned that Servos are not supported.
  • Is there a support upcoming in the roadmap?
  • UAVCAN servo support?
  • There’s UAVCAN call at 2pm
  • Check the Description Language listed (directory under UAVCAN)

Q.2 : Response delay when using MAVROS (Python → C++) - Patrick

  • Using coaxial quadcopter w/ tilting mechanism, controlled by parameters!
  • Using Telemetry Module, baudrate unknown.
  • Experiencing ~10 sec delay when using Python API
  • Answers
    • MAVROS Python itself doesn’t have much delay - Ben
    • Could be that telemetry is the problem, 921600 is usually good baud - Jay
    • Check the exact delay (by Python code)
    • Can increase parameter update checking rate

Q.3 : Actuators : How to send PWM without arming - Safy

  • Currently using Offboard Actuator control
  • Want to release a payload (servo control), without arming the vehicle
  • Answers

Q.4 : When RC receiver powers up after vehicle powers up, it doesn’t get recognized - Safy

  • Using v1.13 alpha version (from a month ago)
  • Answers
    • Can have race conditions where power-up order can change how the RC protocol is guessed
    • RC input drivers will be separated, and remove auto-guessing eventually
    • Chris will put a detailed answer in comment section
    • Using MAVLink message for remote control is just not as good as RC (Due to telemetry limitations) - Chris
    • Even with IP radio (WiFi), MAVLink protocol overhead will limit the rate - Ben

Q.5 : Sensors Redundancy & RAM usage - Safy

  • New versions of Flight controllers advertise high CPU / RAM capability. But when do we need it?
  • Trying to use SLAM
  • Answer
    • For Multi-EKF, H7 or F7 processors will be needed - David
    • RAM size varies a lot
    • Check Jenkins’ build, for RAM usage percentage.
    • Original 1 MB RAM v2 hardware
    • Better to stick to higher capability CPUs!
    • Good for encryption & secure bootloading

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D.0 : 1. Safe local coordinate manipulation by @tstastny

D.1 : Dubins Aircraft MAVLink Message by @tstastny

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