PX4 Dev Call: June 01, 2022

June 01, 2022

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:loudspeaker: Community Announcement

Dev Summit 2022! :us:

  • You can purchase a virtual ticket!
  • 2 Full Days of Workshops & Keynotes
  • On the first day, there will be a 300 drone light show :zap:
  • On the second day, there will be some yummy cakes :cake:

:people_holding_hands: Community Q&A (No deep technical discussions)

:exclamation: Guideline for asking a Question

  1. Specify what you are trying to achieve
  2. Specify what environment / platform you are using
  3. Prepare a Link or Document to help understand if possible
  4. First, ask the question on the Slack or create a Github Issue!
  5. If you take over 5 minutes for the question, please continue in Slack or a Github Issue.

Q.1 : Raspberry Pi Pico Issue - Vatsal

  • The fix was merged to NuttX yesterday. When will it come into effect in PX4?
  • Answer: Cherry-pick the changes from NuttX and open the PR to PX4

Q.2 : UAVCAN Servo Support status - Dave

  • in the Doc, it states:

PX4 does not support UAVCAN servos (at time of writing).

Q.3 : OpenMV - Patrick

  • PX4 Flow
  • Answer: Optial sensor is better than the Sonar one

:construction_worker_woman: Project Updates

P.1 : Precision Landing PR merge discussion - @potaito

Discussion topics from the PR:

  • What is / should be the role of navigator in general? I think we all agree that currently it is doing too much. Should it be a state machine? Or should it only be an array of mission items?
  • How can flight modes such as precland, orbit or follow-me become part of a mission?
  • If we allow custom flight modes as flight tasks to be used in missions, the flight tasks will have to contain the criteria that determine when the task is complete. For example, if the vehicle is supposed to fly orbit for three resolutions, then the orbit flight task should track this and report when it’s done.
  • What are AUTO modes? Is AUTO = mission? Or is AUTO a superset that contains mission along other modes?

Precland Refactor

  • Moved the ‘Precision Landing’ from Navigator to Flight Task
  • Want to discuss: “Mission triggering certain flight modes”
  • Currently, executing the ‘orbit’ mode in the middle of the mission for 60 seconds, and then resuming the mission is a missing feature in PX4.
  • Implemented ‘Main mode’ and ‘Sub mode’, to implement this.
  • Feedback: It would be great for the Navigator just to handle the flight modes / handle mission state machine (Thomas)

P.2 : Rewrite of the Failsafe state machine

:thinking: General Discussions

D.1 :

:calendar: Weekly Overview

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Daniel’s Null Island :desert_island:

:phone: Last Dev-Call

PX4 Dev Call: April 27, 2022

:exclamation: High priority queue

Discussion based on: High-Priority Queue · GitHub

:ear_of_rice: Release

Hi Ramon,

I am interested to join - what time is this developer call?


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The call is at 5pm CET every Wednesday, you can see/download the calendar invite from this link Dronecode Calendar — Dronecode Foundation


I would like to bring up the still unanswered topic of the status of PX4 support for UAVCAN servo actuators. Online documentation states they are not supported (UAVCAN | PX4 User Guide). Would like to confirm that is still the case and any plans to add servo support on UAVCAN vs PWM output.