PX4 Dev Call: May 04, 2022

May 04, 2022

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:people_holding_hands: Community Q&A (No deep technical discussions)

Q.1 : RP2040 Crash problem - Vatsal

  • going to hard fault in the CROMFS.
  • Answer
    • Check the parameters going into the function, whether they are NullPtr

Q.2 : MAVROS extras image publication to receive images? - Safy

Q.3 : About GCS sending the flight plan - Jason

  • In UGV the flight plan is not usefull. You need to find a sidewalk and need the waypoints as general ideas.
  • Autonomous sailboat UGV usage case. With a Jetson board locally.

Where in the code could I review where the waypoint and the local planner is running in a some sort of loop?

  • Let’s say we plan a mission from point A to point B
  • MAVLink vs ROS Bridge

Q.4 : Checking the version - Jason

Where do I see the version of the FMUK66?

  • Answer : Type ver all in the MAVLink Console in QGC / Terminal.

:construction_worker_woman: Project Updates

P.1 : STM32H7 SocketCAN driver in NuttX done - JC

:thinking: General Discussions

D.1 : Safe local coordinate manipulation by @tstastny

  • Found a corner case

If we take in local coordinate and add offset? The EKF won’t take this into account, unless global coordinate is also updated!

  • There can be 2 solutions
    1. Vector3f?
    2. Make it clear in the module that any coordinate stored in local frame can have offset from the EKF
  • Answer
    • How about taking into consideration the ‘type’ of coordinate?
    • Can we have concept of time discontinuity and have a serial number that indicates that the reset has occurred?
  • On Multirotor there are a lot of reset handling. Ideally we could save both local & global coordinate.
  • TODO
    • Check the TF in the ROS to make sure we aren’t re-inventing the wheel :wheel:
  • What’s the motivation?
    • Local coordinates are easier to deal with for control / navigation, etc.

D.2 : Dubins Aircraft MAVLink Message by @tstastny

  • Implements a long-existing concept in aerospace industry :thinking:

Feedbacks and Comments will be appreciated!! (In the doc)

  • Q. What would the GCS side be like?
  • It’s good to expose what the vehicle is going to do to the users - Chris
  • E.g. CAM software showing the full tool path for milling something

D.2.1 : What happens when there’s a stall during high acceleration turn of a Fixed wing in PX4? - Chris

  • Probably will boost throttle to regain airspeed
  • There actually was a logic for this specific case

D.3 : L1 depreciation by @tstastny

  • would like to discuss what steps are necessary to deprecate l1 control in favor of NPFG, as it is causing more hacky headaches to keep l1 now, where NPFG is an almost identical controller, but just with extra (disablable) features.

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