PX4 Dev Call: October 05, 2022

October 05, 2022

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:loudspeaker: Community Announcement

Discord channel is slowly getting set up :magic_wand:

  • Channels Organized
  • Bot added for Welcome messages and role assignments
  • Thanks for organizing @MaEtUgR :love_letter:

Asking for volunteers for creating developer content

We want to have more developer content with your help!

If interested, please DM Ramon with ideas!

:people_holding_hands: Community Q&A (No deep technical discussions)

:exclamation: Guideline for asking a Question

  1. Specify what you are trying to achieve
  2. Specify what environment / platform you are using
  3. Prepare a Link or Document to help understand if possible
  4. First, ask the question on the Slack or create a Github Issue!
  5. If you take over 5 minutes for the question, please continue in Slack or a Github Issue.

Q.1 :

:construction_worker_woman: Project Updates

P.1 :

:thinking: General Discussions

D.1 : Holybro Carrier board Ethernet connection testing

  • Ethernet sometimes acts weird when using Holybro Carrier board - Alex
  • 2 boards are never working & one board used to work but now doesn’t work
  • Through the oscilloscope, the 50V~ on the signal line is observed, maybe capacitor issue?

TODO: @david_s5 any comment on this?

D.2 : DroneCAN RPM feedback messaging

  • Maxon motors is using UAVCAN ESC and is wondering about it

D.3 : Changing speed in the Mission

TODO: Will start new issue to discuss how to handle DO_SET_SPEED command.

:calendar: Weekly Overview

:mouse2: Github

Recently updated Issues / PRs in PX4-Autopilot Link

Pull Requests

:computer: Slack

:phone: Last Dev-Call

PX4 Dev Call: April 27, 2022

:exclamation: High priority queue

Discussion based on: High-Priority Queue · GitHub

:ear_of_rice: Release

  • Having ‘pre-release’ candidates (like Ubuntu), instead of having the main branch mostly would give people more confidence to try out the branch for flight testing - @mcsauder
  • Alpha/Beta/RC1, 2, 3, …
  • Having clear intermediate releases, it puts :fire: under people and gives a sense of timespan & can help people devote more resources into testing.

How do we track the testing (bench & flight) of the releases? - Daniel

  • We need a tool / (discuss forum) to report testings on a specific releases
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In case of interest, new tests with 6C after backport:

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I have asked Alex to send me his failed HW.