UAVCAN servo support?

I have an application requiring use of CAN based servo actuators of control surfaces. According to the PX4 UAVCAN peripherals documentation, UAVCAN servos were not supported at the time that section was last updated. I would like to confirm that PX4 does not currently support any CAN based servos (UAVCAN, DroneCAN, CAN2.0B, etc). If that is still the case, is there any activity related to adding this functionality? Any other suggestions are appreciated for alternatives providing CAN support.

Thank you in advance for any updates.


I would appreciate suggestions on an answer for this issue. I previously brought this up in the developer’s call and was told I should post it on slack since there was no one on the call that could answer. I then found that I did not have a valid email domain to join the slack group, similar to issue posted a year ago with no reply to the OP on the issue (Slack Invites?). I emailed a moderator about this with no reply after a week. I would really like to determine if the PX4 solution would be appropriate for this commercial application but am getting a bit concerned about support if we go with PX4.



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Have you found any solution or workaround to this problem so far? I noticed UAVCAN libraries including the servo control are present in PX4, but i couldn’t set it up.