Multiple problems arise in QGC when trying to start a mission with a generic ground vehicle


I’m supposed to program an autopilot for my bachelor’s thesis, and my professor has given me a ground vehicle (TT-02 Chassis by Tamiya) for tests. He also gave me a Graupner HOTT MX-16 radio remote control to manually test the vehicle.

When connecting the vehicle with QGC via USB, several problems arise.

The first error I get says “Reject Auto Mission”. This one shows up right after connecting, before even setting up a mission.

After setting up a mission and trying to start it, the error message “GPS Horizontal Pos Error too high” is being displayed. Checking the map, there seems to be a horizontal position error of about 20m. Unfortunately, I do not know how to fix this error.

Furthermore, after uploading a mission and trying to fly it, QGC gives a warning that you cannot fly with an existing USB connection. Makes sense. However, when I disconnect the vehicle, the mission doesn’t start and QGC displays the message that it is waiting for a connection.

Moreover, QGC does not even manage to figure out the motor count and does not allow motor testing (though this might be an issue with the latest stable version of the firmware).

My professor was the one who set up the vehicle, and during his tests, he had similar problems.

If anyone here has an idea of what I could do to fix these errors I would appreciate it a lot.

Thank you already in advance for your help!


I get the error message “Parameters missing from firmware. You may be running a version of firmware QGC does not work correctly with or your firmware has a bug in it. Missing params: 1:CP_DIST”.
Updating the PX4 firmware to the master build fixed the problem with the missing parameter. The other problems still persist.

All of these are firmware problems, not really QGC. QGC is just relayed messages from the vehicle.

Thank you! I’ve updated the firmware, but most problems remained. Changing to ArduPilot reduced several problems, but the motors are still not being recognized. My assumption is that either something was wired wrong (I was not the person who set up the vehicle) or that there is a part in the firmware where I have to specify the motors.