Parameters are missing from firmware. You may be running a version of firmware QGC does not work correctly with your firmware or your firmware has a bug in it

Hello everyone,
I am trying to calibrate the Pixhawk 2.1 with the Black cube flight controller. For doing this, I used Qgroundcontrol in Ubuntu 18.04. I am getting an error that is the name of this topic. I tried installing the latest QgroundControl and install the Pixhawk v1.11 firmware again but still, the error is there.
Please let me know if you also encountered this error. Any lead would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I also get this error on multiple platforms (Android, MacOS, iOS, iPadOS) whenever I open the radio tab in the settings on QGroundControl. I haven’t noticed it affecting anything, and the error does not enumerate which parameters are missing at any point, just “1:”

It has not affected my fixed wing flight performance but I have only flown once and crashed (most likely improper CG and pilot error)

Oh. Thanks for the reply. I had a firmware pre-installed in the Black cube but I accidentally flashed it with the latest firmware. Now, I don’t see all the checks in the summary previously. Could you tell me what could be the changes in the previous firmware? like in the parameters. Is it like many parameters that I won’t be able to get back or I could tune all of those again with this new latest firmware? I am not sure how much data I am missing so it would be great if you could give some insights.

Furthermore, is it compulsory to have an RC transmitter and receiver or a Joystick to operate the vehicle in Qgroundcontrol? Or can I simulate in hitl without that?

Also, if I need to buy an rc transmitter, is any transmitter compatible with it or there are specific ones?

It may be possible to operate the vehicle without a remote control with a pre planned mission - the introduction on the px4 documentation goes through this.

Unfortunately I am inexperienced with the platform and cannot speak to changes in parameters between Pixhawk firmware versions

Thanks a lot. I’ll go through it again.

Also, the pixhawk and cube will require a GPS for the hitl simulation right?

Can you enter a GitHub issue with details and then I can give you somethings to try in order to debug this.

Sure. I’ll do that. Do you want me to post it in the PX4 firmware repository or any specific repository?