Current versions of PX4 and QGC not compatible

I have been trying to get 4 Pixhawk systems ready for flight. In each case I, loaded the current stable firmware, 1.7.3.
However, they won’t work with QGroundcontrol 3.3.2. We can’t get them to work properly. We tried going back to prior stable versions of PX4 (1.7.0), but with limited success.
It seems to us that there is a basic incompatibility between the two systems.

Is anyone else having trouble running PX4 with QGC?


QGC 3.3.x should be compatible across all platforms running current stable firmware 1.7.3
Where are you getting stuck?
are the same issues popping up on the 4 different pixhawks?

Here is a list of some of the things that are happening with QGC 3.3.2 and PX4 1.7.3

On the bench I test all functions before I go outside and fly, so all these results are from bench testing. Each of these issues happens at different times and in different sequences.

  • Pixhawk can connect with QGC via USB, but not with wireless link.
  • Long load times that time out with message that it was unable to retrieve all parameters.
  • GPS lock turning on and off in rapid succession
  • Geofence transfer failed
  • “Communication gained, communication lost” messages repeating every few seconds
  • Sometimes a message that “Vehicle not responding”.
  • Message that “primary compass not found” after a reboot.

The list goes on, but you get the idea. I can’t get a stable result. Every time I power up, something different happens, and there is no consistency in results. This is happening on 4 different Pixhawks, different GPS antennas, and different telemetry radios. We have mixed and matched the components to try to find a set that works, but so far no combination works. As a result, I have 4 Pixhawk systems that I can’t fly.

I am going to move to Mission Planner because it doesn’t suffer from any of these conditions.


  • What operating system are you using?
  • Change out the USB cable you’re using and plug to a different port
  • Try using the Safe Mode version of QGC.

Good luck.

Have to say I am having a lot of these kind of issues myself, running latest firmware and QGC on Mac OS. Every time I seem to solve one issue another crops up. Frustrating experience overall. Unfortunately I am a bit stuck in QGC as I’m working on a Generic quad VTOL project.