Multi_uav simulation with using gazebo and ros


When I run the multi_uav_mavros_sitl_sdf.launch according to the ‘Multiple Vehicles using SDF Models’ in the ‘PX4 Development Guide’ and modify the name of vehicle as ‘typhoon_h480’, there are three typhoon_h480 uavs in gazebo, but the drones’ camera pan tilt are not controlled and there is no camera image topic of ros.

How can I work out this problem? Thank you very much.

The typhoon_h480 is not supported to work as the same as other examples

You need to modify the sdf file your self to use typhoon for multivehicle simulations

Thank you very much for your explanation:
This time I modify the sdf file of typhoon_h480 by adding the plugin “cgo3_camera_controller” which is masked by default.
In addition, I also investigate the sdf file of “iris”, it seems that there is nothing specific for the multivehicle simulations.
About compiling commands,should I use “make px4_sitl gazebo_typhoon_h480” or “make px4_sitl_default gazebo”. I’ve tried many times so far, but nothing has worked.
That’s all, thank you very much.

I use the compiling command “make px4_sitl_default gazebo”, and modify the sdf file of typhoon_h480. The drones’ camera pan tilt are not controlled, but there are camera image topics of ros.

The version of the px4 is 1.10.0

You can compare how the sdf files look like as trying out the instructions here without using ROS

The sdf files generated will be stored in /tmp/<vehicle_name>.sdf basically you need to configure the mavlink interface plugin : to be able to interface with multiple vehicles

First of all, I am very appreciative for your detailed explanation. I will try again according to your instructions.