Controlling gimbal for multiple vehicles using ROS node in SITL


I want to control the gimbal of two Typhoon H480 models in a setup using the topic /mavros/mount_control/command. I have understood how to implement it for a single model with help from

For multi-UAV simulation, I tried to extend using the appropriate launch file but I was not able to control the gimbals. They seemed to be unsteady as well (I鈥檓 yet to implement this version after the pull request - Fix gimbal jitters by Jaeyoung-Lim 路 Pull Request #469 路 PX4/PX4-SITL_gazebo-classic 路 GitHub)

I am trying to understanding the discussion below, but unsure how to use the mount control to each vehicle separately:

But I am unable to move even one vehicle鈥檚 gimbal for a multi UAV simulation, like in the case of the single vehicle. Any help and suggestion will be appreciated.

Thank you!

Edit: I tried to implement the changes given in the pull request - but I didn鈥檛 find a difference in the jitter. Is there something I鈥檓 skipping? :slightly_frowning_face: