Micro OSD V2 with my Pixhawk 4 mini, the flight mode doesn’t change it stays at mod:STAB

Micro OSD V2 with my Pixhawk 4 mini, the flight mode doesn’t change it stays at mod:STAB
Tried everything for hours and hours, even installed everything again but eventually everything works fine but only the mode indicator on the OSD is not changing at all.

This is the anwer from Holybro:
We have had it tested and this issue does happen when pixhawk4mini is running PX4 while it is running ardupilot, the flight mode can be changed properly. So it has nothing to do with the OSD but is a bug with PX4.
It is recomended you go discuss.px4.io and submit this issue.


Hopefully someone can help.

I don’t know if this would work for you but you might consider looking into @zs6buj’s MavlinkToPassthru with a Teensy 3.2.

Good luck.

Guys, I’ve been working with Marc Dornan on this, and it’s more or less put to bed. I’ll ask Marc to chime in.

Ok, I misunderstood the issue, my apologies.

I use the Radiolink clone pixhawk mini myself sometimes, and it works fine for me.

If you want to give me a TLog I might be able to see what is happening.

Hi, thanks for helping out, hereby the link to the log files.
If you need any more, please let me know.


I finally got to this today. Been crazy busy, sorry.

Hmm, I see PX4 has come a long way since I last used it. Log Muncher is replaced by Flight Review. Very nice :slight_smile:

The thing is, I need to run a TLog (telemetry log) into MavToPass to see what is happening. Unless I can extract a TLog from your .ulg files, but I don’t have enough time to research this right now.

You can easily get a TLog out of Mission Planner.


Hello Eric,

I took a while to get a new Tlog because of the rain, but finally its here:


Hopefully you see whats wrong.



Hi Rollys,

Thanks for the answer, but for what I read is this specific for Frsky receivers and Mavlink.
I use an sbus Futaba receiver, and the telemetry information should go to an OSD, can you please explain how this is working on an OSD?



I’m not sure if it’s compatible but maybe look into Night Ghost’s fork and see if it’ll work better for you. It’s what I’ve used but with just a generic MinimOSD board. This is the Github files.

Good luck.