QGC Holybro microOSD V2 configuration

Hi guys, i have a problem with my Holybro Micro OSD and mini Pix4. Using Fatshark fpv google, i have an error on the display: “Waiting for Mavlink heartbeat”. double check pdf instruction of the OSD, there are some parameters to set in Mission Planner , but not the same in QGC. How can i set right parameter in order to allow the correct use of OSD display?
Telemetry antenna is linked to Tel port 1 and osd on UART port of miniPix4.

Maybe something in here can help:

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Many thank! but do you know is it necessary convert via QGC parameter UART port to a Tel2 also?

I found solution setting parameters in this way

Also i double check TX/RX cables. of vtx Atlat v2 and Pixhawk 4 mini in order to verify that someone are not inverted.

Now all works!