PX4 OSD FW for minimOSD

Hello Team,

I run original PixRacer and Px4 stable (v2.9.7b Release), Telemetry 2 for OSD.

Which OSD FW must I use for PX4 and minimOSD?

I set up OSD https://github.com/night-ghost/minimosd-extra.

I do get GPS data such as Lat/Lon, Galt, No. of Satellites and so on. But Vfas, Current, Flight Mode, RSSI is missing.
I do get most of that through smart port telemetry.

I understand that I need to set up SR1 and SR0 values in order to work properly https://github.com/night-ghost/minimosd-extra/blob/master/wiki/APM.md

Where in QGC do I change values for SR1 and SR0? I do not find “complete parameter list” as in MP.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for your support.

solved with latest daily built

Which version have you installed?

You may try thies one. It works well with PX4 just be sure to intall the MavLink Version via the Tool:

We discussed this in detail here https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/px4users/bi-X0l5yOCY

I have not tried the night-ghost firmware yet though, would be awesome if it worked! Its almost flying season here in the UK now and I’m getting my X8 ready!

Night-ghost FW Works fine for me.

Hello friend

I am not sure about what I am telling you now

but if you look in the parameters in MAVLINK part, then you would find MAV_x_CONFIG in which by enabling them you can reach more parameters for setting up

have a look on it
hope to solve your problem