A tail VTOL

Hello guys,
I couldn’t find any airframe in QGC for A-Tail VTOL .
Saw babyshark airframe but iys not available in new firmware.
Can anyone guide me on this

For the two-motor tailstock drone, you can choose the above frame in QGC

Yes but my current setup is exactly similar to Baby shark airframe.
Its not dual motor tailsitter

Baby shark airframe? What does it look like?

You can refer to this to add new airframe:https://dev.px4.io/master/en/airframes/adding_a_new_frame.html

Here is the link : https://www.foxtechfpv.com/foxtech-baby-shark-vtol.html

@Yuthika_Sagarage thanks for reply
But the issue is it’s not available in new firmware update

you can add it :slight_smile:

It’s there in the master branch, which fmu/pixhawk are you using?
if it’s 1mb flash, then that’s the problem.

@Yuthika_Sagarage Ok will try that

@Yuthika_Sagarage I am using Pixhawk 1

that explains it. https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/blob/master/boards/px4/fmu-v2/default.cmake

I was also looking forward to use generic AAVVT V tail airframe. But didn’t found wiring specific outputs.


Have you tried upgrading the Pixhawk bootloader in case it’s still restricts it to 1M but is capable of 2M? Then once completed, reload the firmware.

Good luck.

@rollys Thanks for reply .
Will try that too.

Another problem is when my PC is offline it do shows The Baby shark VTOL airframe. But now it does not detect the Radio inputs.

If you did the bootloader upgrade, you’ll probably have to recalibrate the radio.

In any event, I always recommend a reboot on the PC then reconnect the FC then open QGC and go from there. And when changes are made on the FC, I physically unplug the USB cable for the reboot instead of via QGC.

Good luck.

@rollys Does that makes any difference by physically rebooting?

It’s not necessary but call me “old school”, but when something was working then inexplicably does not, I disconnect everything, powercycle, reconnect then try again. I’ve found myself “chasing my tail” to try to resolve issues and could’ve saved a lot of time by simply rebooting everything.

Good luck.

Currently somehow managed to upload Baby shark airframe.
I have QGC 4.0.6 and firmware : 10.1 stable.

But right now the nothing is working in Fixed wing mode…!
Non of the servos are working.

I think you need to press the Safety Switch first then switch to FW.

During initial setup, I usually disable the Safety Switch and assign one of the channels of the Tx for Arming. Of course, it goes without saying to make sure that props are removed.

Good luck.