Why there are no more cheaper flight contoller available?


Hello guys,

I’m new in the community.
So the question is in the title : Why there are no more cheaper flight contollers available ?

Actually, if you want buy a supported hardware you have to pay at least 100 $. Tell me if I’m wrong.
While you can find flight controller for 40 $ on any RC provider such as the SP racing, the flycolor, the racerCube…

Is it because they are not enough powerfull ?

Thanks !


There are cheaper options that you can run PX4 such as the Omnibus F4 SD


Thank you for your answer. And just to be sure, could this board control a VTOL ?


So you are seriously comparing FC for Racers or small Copters with FC that can control a VTOL?


Hello Andreas,

The omnibus is actually a cheap FC but I wonder if the different PX4 algorithms (VTOL in my case) could run on any supported FC as the omnibus.