Why there are no more cheaper flight contoller available?

Hello guys,

I’m new in the community.
So the question is in the title : Why there are no more cheaper flight contollers available ?

Actually, if you want buy a supported hardware you have to pay at least 100 $. Tell me if I’m wrong.
While you can find flight controller for 40 $ on any RC provider such as the SP racing, the flycolor, the racerCube…

Is it because they are not enough powerfull ?

Thanks !

There are cheaper options that you can run PX4 such as the Omnibus F4 SD

Thank you for your answer. And just to be sure, could this board control a VTOL ?

So you are seriously comparing FC for Racers or small Copters with FC that can control a VTOL?

Hello Andreas,

The omnibus is actually a cheap FC but I wonder if the different PX4 algorithms (VTOL in my case) could run on any supported FC as the omnibus.

Hi Ronan
Well I’m surfing to find the answer too. But no luck yet.
. I’m teaching robotic for teens (for small community) and searching cheaper FC less $ thn Pixhwk 2.1.
Already try omni and pixracer. But will try for VTOL, but no luck in finding any experiment on the net yet.
Anyone can help?

Probably, the closest thing you’ll get to that price range and maximum VTOL capability might be the Holybro 3DR Pixhawk Mini. Depending on where you are and where you order from, they look to be available starting below $100. It should work for any airframe that doesn’t use the AUX channels.

Good luck.

Hi @Gatot_Boediman welcome to the forum!
Well this is a complete kit for 84.00:

Thats the best deal I’ve seen.