Omnibus F4 SD (and F4 V3)

Hi guys,

I’m trying to drive eachine x220s autonomous with a companion computer for a competition.
I will use as additional hardwares
1-Jevois cam for image processing and running dronekit to drive the drone. via uart-withmavlink-dronekit
2-PX4 Optical Flow. via i2c (no gps-indoor flight)

X220s has Omnibus F4 V3.
I tried to flash PX4-Omnibus F4 SD build version but i had an RC error (1 row below) on qground while setting up RC.
“detected 0 radio channels to operate px4 you need at least 5 channels”
I used sbus.
I tried this with 2 different rx-tx combinations.
Both ended with that error.
While drone was flashed with betaflight, there were no error about this situation.

The question is could you please help me about

  1. Is Omnibus f4 v3(not pro one) is compatible with px4 firmware?
  2. If any correction about hardware(on omnibus f4 v3 board) is necessery, what have to i do?
  3. If i couldn’t use my flight controller, do you offer me any international shop where can I buy Omnibus F4 SD.
  4. If i use kakute 7, is it competible with X220s hardware(sorry i don’t know anything about this tiny drones). If it is competible, which version i have to order?

-Little offer about your work, i think omnibus f4 sd is out of dated board (i couldn’t find any seller around the world) may be u could work on other omnibus flight controllers.
About omnibus F4 V3 I think it is the most sold fpv drone on banggood and around the world many people use this drone with default board.
To enlarge the px4 firmware’s user scale u can focus on that board.


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Generally there are many Omnibus variations, and the F4 V3 might be using a different RC serial port - you can check for differences in Betaflight.
Can you check the output of input_rc status on the shell?
AFAIK the F4 V3 has not been tested yet with PX4.

Exchanging flight controllers on an RTF drone is probably not worth the effort - I’d rather look for one that already has the FC you want (like Kopis 2 for Kakute F7).

@bkueng thank u for response.
here is the outputs…

I searched for kopis 2 but many seller are out of stock.
I only found there .
But at the the picture at the top says that kakute f7 is v1.2 .
What a chance :slight_smile: kopis 2 has v1.5.

What about kakute f7 hdv which is installed on Kopis CineWhoop. Is PX4
compatible with that board?

Note: Paypal is forbiddened in my country and swift is too expensive so i don’t check Holybro’s own site.

There’s no RC signal detected then. Is the serial port inverted?

According to the only difference is that it uses a different IMU - an MPU6000. That is easy to add support for.

Yeah signal is not detected.
It was originally soldered to sbus side. inverted port. I used the same then.