Looking for a beginner flight controller board for a fixed wing sailplane

I recently ordered a sailplane and was wanting to try out the PX4 autopilot software. I already downloaded Qground and am looking for a good flight controller/setup that is suitable for fixed wing, is lightweight, and somewhat inexpensive? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Starfleet Command

Here is a list: Flight Controller (Autopilot) Hardware | PX4 User Guide

If you want something lightweight and inexpensive, I was going to suggest the mRo Pixracer R15 but it looks like it’s out of stock.

Therefore, I would probably recommend the Pixhawk 6C which is cheaper and lighter than the Pixhawk 6X.

You can also use older clones of Pixhawks or Pixracers but it’s not always guaranteed that all sensors will be recognized by the software, as some manufacturers might swap out parts or omit them.

Alright, thanks for the help, I will keep that in mind. I may have to wait for the R15 to be in stock again because I dont think the 6C will fit in my fuselage. However, since posting my original question I have done some more research and came up with a couple of options, I am just not sure if they are compatible with thee latest software or if they are even good options for a fixed wing. Any thoughts?

Thanks again for the help.

I can recommend the Pixhawk4 mini as long as it has all the connections that you require.

I wouldn’t recommend the Pixhawk mini as it’s an older chip and design, so likely a bit more painful.

Alright, thanks. I assume the R15 is a better option than the mini though?

The R15 is based on the slower STM32F4 cheap while the Pixhawk4 mini is based on the faster STM32F7.

If you wanted to go even faster, you could consider the mRo PixRacer Pro which is based on the STM32H7 but it’s considerable more expensive.