Cheap px4 development kit drone


I am a student and would like to get started with px4. My budget is not huge so I am looking for a cheap entry platform (drone included).

I would be very greatful for any recommendations and hints for an affordable development platform.



The $399 Yuneec Mantis Q is PX4-based


thank you for your suggestion!


If you are starting and is for development I would recommend the basic set of Holybro is $281 but you need a battery and a RC

Thank you. Which Mhz frequency ? Sorry I am new to this :wink:

It depends your country, basically 433MHz for Europe and 915MHz for America, so you need to check your country regulations.

Thanks! I am in Austria so I guess 433Mhz :):grinning:

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hi Pedro,

I am trying to find a radio and battery for my qav250. I could not find the Frsky DR4-II anywhere. Any suggestions about a foot radio and batteries for longer flight times.