Where to buy a Pixhawk


I wanted to buy a new Pixhawk. Currently I have the 3DR one, and I am very happy with it, so I would want to buy the same one but it appears that it is no more in production. So has anyone tried other versions of Pixhawk that provide good results? My main fear is that in one of these versions some components may be replaced in order to make production cheaper, and it may harm its behavior.

I have seen that in the PX4 official webpage there is a link to HobbyKing which points to the HKPilot32 autopilot. Has anyone tried it? Does everything work fine (GPS, telemetry, flights…)?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Why not give MindPX a try? It is on new FMU-V4 like architecture, and open source as well.

It is not only an economic replacement of Pixhawk, but being carefully designed in more compact size, well tested, and also enhanced in some aspects (vibration isolation, expanded interfaces, etc,).

With the latest V2.6 revision, MindPX performs 95% out of Pixhawk, as well as some unique features. It has been in the field by FC fans for a while since released.

You can have a check at here: www.mindpx.net
Or pick it up at eBay:

Hi, I use a Dropix v2 from drotek.fr it’s very well made and it works very well.
They sell the board on it’s own but if you need a case for it they sell it separate or you can download a model and print it yourself.
I’ve got it set up without the case on an anti vibration plate, the whole setup is hidden inside the frame.

The board works with APM and PX4, checked it with both.