Is the fight controller still produced?

Hello to all,
I realized that 3D Robotics had abandoned the production of the flight controller. I’m getting closer to the pixhawk world now, could you help me figure out who makes the flight controller now? Is Pixhawk an open source project PX4 also produces hardware?
Where can I buy a flight controller compatible with Who produces the flight controller and where can I buy it?
Thank you so much, and I apologize for the trivial questions.


The 3DR pixhawk is no longer manufactured, but there are many modern options.

I personally like the Pixhawk 3 Pro ( or the Pixracer for something smaller (

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Hi Dagar,
You are very kind; now It’s all more clear! Then on droket the accessories as GPS, etc… are compatible with Pixhawk 3 Pro?
For send telemetry are there components on droket? With Pixhawk 3 PRO it’s possible to transmit and receive the video signal from a camera?
I hope to be with you soon in sharing experiences with PX4.
Thank you so much, Dagar! I apologize if I was off topic with the last post.

Here’s a full pack with sensors and telemetry

Hi Anton,
you are kind!
Thank you so much!

If you’re just a hobbyist and those prices are too steep for you, the generic brands from eBay work with great successes as well.

Good luck.

Thank you. I’m not a hobbyist. I’m searching professional solution with open source platforms

Thank you