Hi all,

I am running a minimosd running MWOSD Scarab, but it doesn’t display flight mode on screen when I change flight mode, it just stays at STAB. I tried minim-extra night-ghost but I can’t even get that to display anything except garbage values scattered everywhere. It’s all driving me nuts because there doesn’t seem to be a working firmware build for minimosd. Is there another osd which will just display all the info I need that I can customise? Or if somebody can tell me how I get firmware builds I’ve mentioned to work. Thanks.


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Hi @Nickvon,

Unfortunately, the flight modes are not part of the Mavlink spec. If you’re able to modify the firmware I can point you in the right direction for adding all the PX4 modes.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks very much for your reply. I was running the AMP build before I switched over to PX4 on my pixhawk and used the MWscarab minimosd FW and that worked fine, when I switched flightmode it would display the correct mode on the OSD.

Anyway, my knowledge of coding is almost zero. I can just about upload FW via the Anduino software to the board, so I’d need quite a lot of hand holding, but I’d really appreciate any help that I can get. Thanks very much.


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Are these projects still actively maintained? If you can link to where they’re developed (where you could open issues) we can at least suggest adding PX4 modes and I’ll make sure the details are correct.

I know MultiWi Scarab osd is being maintained and that it definitely doesn’t support PX4 flighmodes (and possibly other things) https://github.com/ShikOfTheRa/scarab-osd. But I think minimosd-extra night-ghost does support it, but I’m having issues because it’s displaying garbage, which I think is an issue with the character-set upload https://github.com/night-ghost/minimosd-extra.

Failing managing to convince these developers to update their FW, what osd’s does everyone using PX4 use that works faultlessly?

https://github.com/svpcom/PlayuavOSD – for analog (TV) video signal
I’ve also ported it to raspberry pi, but it requires digital video stream (wifiroadcast)

I was looking at this FW, so it works on minimosd?

No, it requres stm32f4-based osd module like this:

@svpcom Can you verify that the osd’s that you listed definitely work with pixhawk on PX4? I have been working on getting minimosd working with px4 flightmodes for months with no success and would love a good solution!

Yes, both osd (fork of PlayUavOSD and wifibroadcast_osd) works with PX4.

@svpcom and is there (hopefully) a better place to buy the hardware than aliexpress?

No, playuavosd is a chinese product.

@svpcom Would you happen to have a video demonstrating the functionality of the playuavosd with your firmware on pixhawk px4?

No. I don’t use analog videolink and OSD anymore. Now my setup is wifibroadcast + wifibroadcast_osd. But if you have raspberry pi (any model) you can run wifibroadcast_osd (with or without mavlink stream) and see UI - it it identical to my playuavosd fork.