Pixhawk supplier

Good day all

Just joined so this is my first post.

Just a line about me …

I started with the quad-copter building a few months ago and I am busy building my 3rd drone. First one was a racing quad with a Betaflight FC and the second one was a 450 quad with a pixhawk 2.4.8. I am now starting my next project. It is a hexacopter and I want to use pixhawk as well. The frame I am using is a 550…

For one reason or another , the retail suppliers here in South Africa seem to be all out of stock. I do realise that no-one
on this list can give me names of South African companies, but I was hoping to get an international company
name so that I can contac them and they can advise me on the wat to go about this. Then I can get the wholesale
suppliers’ name in South Africa from them.

I have been googling a lot and found 3drobotics.com and they list 2 companies, neither of which stock pixhawks. So that
was a dead end …

Perhaps someone can point me on the rigth direction ?

My frame is built … motors, props and ESC’s already connected to PDB … just waiting for my pixhawk !!!

regards !

Good luck.






Many thanks rollys ! I shall follow those links you suggested.
Best reagrds