Original Pixhawk 1 - Is there a new "standard" substitute?

Dear all

I hesitated asking this question as I’m aware that it might not be an easy question to answer, but the reality is that I need to substitute my Pixhawk 1s and since the 3DR and UnmannedTech (which are sources I trusted) don’t have any in stock I’ve decided it was time to move with the times and get new hardware.

The problem is… I’m totally baffled by the options.

So my question is, what is the new “standard” substitute, if such exists?
ie. Pixhawk 1 was the standard at the time, but which is it today? Pixhawk 2 ? Pixhawk 3 Pro ? Pixhawk Mini ?

Or put another way, if one wants to get a flight controller for PX4 today, which one be the one that:
1.- Can actually be purchased .
2.- Is best supported/liked by the PX4 developers and can incorporate the latest developments.
3.- Is built by a reputable manufacturer
4.- It’s purchase supports developers or companies that are involved with the community .

Thanks for your help.
(If this question has been asked before please point me to the answer)

I’d love to hear the answer too this too. My Pixhawk 1 died two months ago and I bought a Pixhawk 2.1. I purchased it because it seemed to be a like for like replacement and I needed one right away. I too was confused with all of the options. As an airframe developer, I’d love to know this answer.

Meeting the questions you asked led me to the Pixracer. Limited to 6 output channels but otherwise fits all my airframes where the pixhawk format fits few. mRo has been in the community a long time being associated with 3DR and I hope the pixracer will continue to be strongly supported. I have had only two issues and they are nag messages in QGC. The power message has been solved and working on the mag timeout message now. I never tried a regular pixhawk because for one the footprint was too large and second it used ST sensors and my own designs proved them to be extremely sensitive to vibration. I have to admit that if no one offers any answers to the mag timeout warning message I may have to buy a pixhawk just to see if it responds with the same messages running PX4 Pro to narrow the problem down.