VTOL Duo tailsitter Hover problems * progression thread *

Hi, I’m trying to get my vtol build to hover. Based on here

My plan is to update the thread continuously as progression is achived. Please feel free to ask em to clarify something if needed.

Generic info

  • Calibration of everything was done standing the wing up, “rotor-mode” style.

  • Orientation set to roll 90 and pitch 90.

Two problems that i’ve diagnosed are:
On my first test flights. Px4 adjusted aggressively the wrong way. the aircraft just made a nosedive as it started to lift from the ground. It’s seems according to this post that you need to reverse some inputs. I’ll try this ASAP.

My other problem that I need some guidence is the fact that I cant get the servos to center at the right point. I’ve played around with the PWM_MAIN_TRIMX parameter, It’s not enough. instructions FW. Also i can adjust the length of the pushrod to the control flaps.

I’ve read that a “servo adjuster” can be used to find/setup the zero position before hand. Is this necessary or am i suppose to be able to control everything with px4 parameters?

Thank you for input. I’ll update the thread with log files/pictures in 24h when I’ve access to my setup.