About the duo tailsitter

Hi,I have build a duo tailsitter with wing wing z84,and calibrated the sensor with PITCH_90,leveled the airframe with PITCH_90 and nose-up,and modified the mixer file to make the response of control surface is correct. when I test it on my hand in multirotor mode with stabilize flight mode,the response of roll/yaw/pitch control is correct,but when I speed up the motors,the airframe tilt down to the ground.I don’t know why.can anybody help me?my controller is pixhawk 2.4.6,firmware is the dev master 1.6.0,thanks very much.

maybe I have to enlarge the control surface area?
I do calibration with fllowing steps:
1.calibrate compass with PITCH_90;
2.calibrate Gyroscope (keep the airframe on the PITCH_90(nose up) position);
3.calibrate Accelerometer with PITCH_90;
4.Level Horizon(keep the airframe on the PITCH_90(nose up) position);

I’m not sure it’s right?

another question,I noted that when I put the airframe on the PITCH -90 degree and keep it still,the roll displayed on the qgc is not correct untill moving it slightly. is it a bug of EKF2?

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