Vehicle constantly yaws upon takeoff



Hi! I’m test flying a drone that takes the S500’s central structure and mounts carbon fiber tube arms to it by 3d printed parts, such that the drone is enlarged from 500mm to 700mm. I’m using the Cube Orange+ as the autopilot.

However, the drone could not fly stably. Upon takeoff, it yaws constantly and uncontrollably, which is faithfully reflected by the logs which show a constantly increasing yaw setpoint
Demo of yaw issue

At this point I’m suspecting several cause:

  1. Vehicle vibration too high and/or issues with the Cube Orange+'s sensors
  2. PID tuning issues, potentially coupled with transitioning to a larger/wider vehicle
    • I’ve already reduced MC_{ROLL, PITCH}RATE_{I, D}, before which in an earlier test flight the drone wobbles in addition to yawing
  3. Flex/misalignment resulting from 3D printed components - it’s incumbent upon myself to deal with that

Please take a look at the logs and help me diagnose if my issue arise from points 1 or 2 shown above.

That’s odd.

I looked at your parameters, and the only thing that stood out was EKF2_MAG_TYPE set to 5/None. Is that on purpose?

Hi, to diagnose the issue I moved my setup to a F450, suffering issues but managing to fly. Please see: High vibration in Cube Orange+ - #72 by Hs293Go. I suspect the “High vibration/Cube Orange+/v1.13 firmware” issue is the same one at play here.