Cube 2 Black PX4 - Spin and crash after take off

Hi all, I’m fairly new to PX4 having built a couple of 450 quad style frames successfully. I’m blown away with the progress thats been made and really excited going forward!

I would be extremely grateful if members of the community could cast their eye over the logs below:

I recently added a Px4 cube black/Here2 GPS to an DJI S1000+ I’d only used the copter twice before with the old A3 units.

I’ve been through the usual problems with flip of death, etcwith FPV frames and I’m fairly careful setting up doing a props off run checking motor speeds behave as expected.

So a few weeks ago I was good to fly the maden flight. I had seen a few MAG 2 STALE errors intermittently but I managed to arm and take off. A few seconds after take off the copter started to spin aggressively then tilt into a roll spin. It was a meter or so up so I aborted killing the motors. Still broke two arms because of the weight of the thing though.

Anyway - my logs on review.px4 are as follows - I could do with some assistance please debuging the issue.

I’ve since taken the flight controller off and put it on a 450 frame and it has flown fine in my garden.

But I’m still trying to find the exact cause:?

    • Faulty Cube Black
    • Bad Px4 setup
    • Interference from S1000 power train
    • Interference from location (I’ve flown DJI’s/FPV there alot) I didn’t see the compass deviation errors

Examining the logs looking at 1:18 there is large accuator input to YAW, my stick controls come in at 1:20 an compensate somewhat but the spin continues with increased pitch/roll untill I flip the kill switch.

Any input much appreciated thank you!

Hi Climber,

From my point of view you have at least a problem with the magnetic field generated by the power wires of your ESCs. This is visible in the “Thrust and Magnetic Feld” and “Estimator Watchdog” charts.
Maybe the Pixhawk so near of a power wire?

Furthermore, you are using like primary magnetometer the one inside of the Cube (ID 616713). I recommend you to use like primary the Here 2 Magnetomer wich ID usually is 3081. If the problem persists, you can also try to disable the Cube magnetometers.


Thanks for your reply Retro-meb, I hope to get another chance to debug in the following weeks and report back.