Sudden vibration introduced - casing "fly aways"

Hello fellow fliers. I would like kindly ask you to check my flight log. My issues are sudden fly aways, either in manual or automatic mode. All I can denote from the logs is, that at the point when fly away starts, quite high spike of vibration is introduced (@6:40) into frame . I am collecting ideas for improvement, before next airborne. Besides that, I am not satisfied with Acceleration Power Spectral Density profile, Actuator Controls FTT, GPS Jamming indicator, max speed (?)… Drone hovers & flies very steady. My HW setup is: S500 frame, NXP FMU-K66 on the halved kitchen sponge attached to a stock carbon plate with dumpers, Keesin 9450 carbon propellers, ESCs: 3 x ReadyToSky 40A OPTO, 1 x Rockamp Akia 40A / 2-4S Lipo / 3A BEC. BEC cable plugged into FMU (I shall remove BEC cable, but forgot to), no landing gear attached, 5200 mAh 3S LiPo… Thank you experts.

For one thing CPU and ram are stressed so sensor sampling time is very high

Compared to a PX4 Pro

Also a motor is saturating the flat tops mean the FC wants to drive it harder but can’t