Using TELEM 1 for companion computers

I need to make a serial connection from my Pixhawk 4 Mini to an external module.

The working example I have is of someone who used the TELEM 2 port on a Pixhawk 4 flight controler setting


I saw this use is deprecated, but I didn’t find any information on how to use TELEM 1 for this. Do anyone know how to do it?

I think you now set it in MAVLINK and SERIAL .

Good luck.

Thanks for your answer!
Do you know how I can access it in C? Is it supposed to appear as a device on /dev/ ?

Sorry, no; I’m not a coder. Parameters are usually accessed via QGroundControl. Maybe if you configure it there first before accessing via C?

Good luck.

So, I solved it. Here’s how I did for future lost people:

Using QGroundControl, I went to Parameters -> MAVLink and set


Then I reset the Pixhawk card, went to Parameters -> Serial and the set parameter SER_TEL1_BAUD the desired baud rate (this parameter only appear if MAV_0_CONFIG is set up properly.

Having done all this, the port can now be accessed by the card’s operation system at: