Question: Can Pixhawk4 mini be controlled by a companion computer?

I have Pixhawk 4 mini and I would like to connect it to a raspberry pi or Jetson, but i read that the connection is usually done via TELEM2 port, which the Pixhawk mini doesnt have, can it still be done via other connections?

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It can be done via Telem1 port but then you can’t use Telem1 for whatever radio you would be using to the ground station and need to somehow connect that to the RPi. On there you can use e.g. mavlink-router to split up the mavlink connection into one part going to your program and the telemetry/serial/IP link.

To configure Telem1, check:

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Why cant I configure uart port to connect with my companion computer?
Is this possible?

That could work too.

When i configure MAV_1/2_CONFIG to UART6 it doesn’t let me change MAV_1/2_FORWARD/MODE/RATE params, which are required to be changed in order to connect to onboard computer. what can I do? Is this even possible?

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Odd. Even after a restart?

Yeah :frowning: and if I configure MAV_1/2_CONFIG to be telem1 it shows me forward/ rate/ mode options

Late to the party, but docs to set up MAVLink on a serial port are here:

Thank you for your reply, but I couldn’t configure any MAVLink on the UART port on pixhawk4 mini

Pixhawk mini or Pixhawk 4 mini - you mentioned both in this thread? Assuming Pixhawk 4 mini, it should work on TELEM1, TELEM2, UART4: - UART 6 has a note there about the TX perhaps being used for something else.

YOu may have to change the config to the UART you want first, and then reboot before the rate params show.

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Thank you, It works on UART4

You are very welcome!

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Is there any additional information available? Even following the steps laid out above I am unable to get data from the pixhawk mini 4 on the connected raspberry pi 4 (running Ubuntu 21)? I try starting mavsdk_server to configure with


But it only ever waits to discover connection