No TELEM2 on Pixhawk Mini

The Pixhawk uses TELEM2 to communicate with a companion computer (ie, Raspberry Pi). How is this done on the Pixhawk Mini? It only has one TELEM port for telemetry, so how do I connect to the companion computer?


One thing you could do is connect to the companion on TELEM1 and connect the telemetry radio (if still needed) to the companion computer. Then use mavlink router on the companion computer.

It should also be possible to connect a micro USB cable between them. Then I have to make these two ports talk to each other. I have such a cable that came with the Pi so maybe that was the intention. I am looking into it.

I’m considering ordering a Pixhawk Mini to use it along with Raspberry Pi. Just curious if you could manage to find a solid solution to this?

Any updates on connecting a raspberry pi 4b to pixhawk mini? I’m running into problems actually getting any data from pixhawk onto the the raspberry pi through the USB connection. Qroundcontrol is able to get telemetry from the USB connection to pixhawk mini, why not when I connect via USB to raspberry pi?