Connecting Raspberry pi 4 to Pixhawk 4 but both TELEM ports taken. What options?

I’d like to attach a Raspberry pi as companion computer to a ready made drone setup.
The setup uses a Pixhawk 4 with a telemetry module attached to TELEM1 and the radio transmitter attached to TELEM2. Since every tutorial in the world suggests to connect a companion computer through a telemetry port, I have a problem.
What are my options? It should be possible to connect the Pixhawk’s USB port to one of the Raspberry’s. However, A pin header based solution would be preferrable to plugging a big USB plug into the RPi. Also, the USB ports on the RPi are getting scarce too. Or could I move one of the modules which currently occupy the telemetry ports to another port?

I just found a way myself.
The Pixhawk 4 seems to have a third telemetry port called TELEM4 (whatever happened to TELEM3) and it’s the upper left port called UART & I2C B. I connected it as I would connect the normal TELEM2 port and then connected MAVSDK to the drone, using /dev/ttyACM0.
If it doesn’t work, make sure the parameter MAV_2_CONFIG is set to TELEM4.

However, if you have other ideas, feel free to post them here anyway. This thread may still serve as an overview for all connection options.

I think this is the best approach and mark the post as solved :wink: