I am trying to use a STM32F767ZI-NUCLEO board with the PX4 firmware. I have compiled the last version from the git, with px4nucleoF767ZI-v1_default as target.

It seems to run OK, but does not recognize the sensors. I have tried MPU9250 and MPU6500 via I2C, and also a GY-88 board (MPU6050 + HMC588L + BMP085), but the result is always the same (NO MAG SENSOR 0, NO MAG ACCEL SENSOR 0, …). Is there a guide/list of the pinout/how to connect the sensors or some configuration I have to do before?

Also, when I connect the board to QGroundControl (last version from the git) and try to configure the airframe I get the following error:

Store parameters command failed
settings save error
ERROR: Operation not permitted

Could someone help me with this? Thanks.

I’am currently working on sensors on the build_px4fmu-v2_default and on that version the four sensors which are

Two gyroscope MPU6000 +L3GD20
Twoaccelerator MPU6000 +LSM303D
One barometer MS5611
One magnitude LSM303D

All conected via SPI bus

If it can help you…
But don’t now how it is handle on px4nucleoF767ZI-v1_default, i will take a look when I have some time