CUAV Pixhack Nano FC

I recently own a CUAV PX4 NANO I bought to fight hard vibration on a plane (IMU is dampened)
This FC is detect by last PX4 latest (master) firmware as PX4 FMU V4.

It have
Processeur: STM32F427
Accéléromètre: MPU9250 / ICM-20608
Gyro: ICM-20608
Compas: HMC5983
Baromètre: MS5611

NSH perf command only display event from hmc5883, ms5611 and mp6k (I suppose it’s for 9250 except 6/9)

But what about ICM-20608 ? Doesn’t see it …

What is the best way to check sensors are well detected on driver side ?

Thanks !