Pixhawk 4 I2C Sensor Setup Issue

Hi Guys having a bit of trouble with the setup and need some assistance.

Im using pixhawk 4 hardware with a PM07 power board QGC V3.4.4 with developer (master) firmware uploaded in standard plane setup. This is where I am now:

I was thinking of leaving the irridium module till last and just get all the other bits and pieces working as per normal. I have managed to do the following:

  • Link to PC upgrade firmware in QGC. (developer master)

  • Link to Ardu Pilot mission planner.

  • link the receiver and set that up on standard plane mode 2.

  • Connect PM07 Power module, calibrate voltage and current to correct reading in mission planner.

  • Link up the SIK Radios and get comms.

  • Connect GPS and get a fixed position.

  • Items Im just not getting right

  • I2C Airspeed sensor or pressure sensor to be found?

  • Airspeed used is a 4525D tried with and without a level converter but even if i scope the I2CA & B channels on the PX4 - i only get a +3.3VDC on SDA and SCL lines with which seems like no comms also scoped sensor and dont get - anything either. 2 sensors tested both same results. Cannot seem to find a way to look at the I2C from QGC or see - ----results of fail?
    Pressure and humidity sensors are the BMP180 and BME280. Same test as above same result.
    Have not dealt with the servo out yet but that seems straight forward.
    Also battling to find info on the physical layout of the PX4 like plug pin out descriptions. Any links to that?

For ArduPilot support, better to ask on discuss.ardupilot.org

Hi No just tried it out but using QGC.

Hi Guys any assistance with the I2C? T

he reason I am using QGC I was told it supports irridium which i am needing to intergrate after I get everything else running.