Struggeling with STM32F407 Disco

Hi all

I’ve tried several days, to get PX4 firmware on a stm32f407vet disco board running. But unfortunately withou success.
I’ve loaded the px4discovery_bl, but also the px4fmu_bl. I’ve got the nsh running, but the gyro (L3GD20H or MPU6500) on SPI PA5-7 will never be detected.

Is there any way to get it for test purpose up and running incl. Missionplaner?

The discovery config is intended for hackers wanting to experiment - we can’t offer support for custom setups, sorry. There are tons of very cheap boards available from Hobbyking or Goodluckbuy in all shapes and combinations of sensors that are validated and supported. Search for Pixhawk, Pixraptor or Pixracer. If you are wanting to do something custom then consider going through the learning curve as educational. The many board configs and drivers will serve as excellent examples.

Salü Lorenz

Fully understand and accepted, was just looking for an advice or hint into the right direction.

I belief i’ve an Issue with the Pins since i’ve compared the Diagramm of the different controllers, so was assuming as long als i’m stay with a supported Gyro like the MPU6500 on the SPI1 pins, i will be fine.

But it seams to be a misinterpretation on my side.

Thx u Gruess