Unable to send command: waiting on previous response to same command

Hey everyone, I keep having this issue on PC GQC.


It occurs when I try to send commands like motor tests or when the RC calibration is finished. It seems like I have no issue sending parameters which makes it even weirder. I have read a bit online and there seems to be no clear fix to the issue. Has anyone encountered similar problems?

@Teo just had the same issue. Did you manage to sort this out?

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I have the same issue. I am using a Pixhawk 4 mini.

Are you also using a Pixhawk 4 mini? Seems like mini is giving quite a few problems.

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No I wasn’t able to sort it out. We switched to a Mac laptop for testing. Seems to work on that and other unix based OS like ubuntu. Not on windows.

I had this problem and restarting qgroundcontrol with a fresh connection seemed to fix it.

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I am having the same issue. I have tried 3 different USB cables and 3 different computers. @ using windows 10 an one using Linux. I can not get the remote to configure and subsequently not able to control any motors with radio. Pixhawk controls motors properly though.

Still haven’t figured this out. I’ve tried different versions of QGC with no good results. Still running on the MAC.

Hi - I am running QGroundControl v4.1.1 on MacOS. I have this issue also when sending commands like motor tests. Occasionally, QGC hangs completely (locks up and requires a Force Quit) when flying multiple drones on planned missions. This happens both on my desktop iMac flying with the Gazebo simulator, and on my MacBook at the airfield flying multiple real drones.

I get this pop-up when attempting to write parameters to board following the Radio transmitter calibration (moving all the sticks and switches around). I have no idea whether the calibration is being completed as a result. If anyone figures out a solution please let me know! (using mac btw)

Hi. I am first time make drone I don’t no what is error. I have try motor test indugial motor 1,motor 2,motor 3,motor 4 try motor work but all motor try to motor 1 only work another 3 motor not working. I don’t no what is error. I am using futaba T10j transmitter using.:pensive: pls help me :pray:

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hello jacob ,
i am facing the same problem , i will appreciate your help if you solve this issue .
thank you