Transition from Multicopter to Fix Wing


I’m short form y first start with the VTOL System. Test with Multicopter mode are successful.

For my understanding I have a question for the first flight.

  • Start with MC mode (stabilize) and get safety high
  • Switch of with transition switch to fix wing mode
    • VTOL will start with forward move and get seed for start the fix wing mode
    • Fly in fix wing mode
  • Switch to MC mode and VTOL will stop fix wing Motor and start MC Motor and slow down.

If wand start with 1.

Is this the right way to fly a VTOL System? Didn’t find any information about this transition.

If I do a test in my hobby room if I Start with MC mode and arme the system MC motor will start. throttle is working. If I switch over to FC mode motor is not working (I think is ok because the airspeed sensor is measuring no speed) after some sec the system is going to disarmed.

Is this right?

Perhaps some can explain how to switch over form MC mode to FM mode and back.



For bench testing purposes, after you arm in MC mode, the quad motors should run and respond to throttle. When you switch to FW mode, the pusher/tractor motor should start up. When you blow into the airspeed pitot tube, the quad motors should stop running and throttle response for fixed wing flight. If this motor doesn’t start, it’s quite possible that you have the ESC plugged into the wrong port in the Pixhawk.

  • Please confirm what airframe you’ve chosen on your setup.
  • Where is the ESC plugged into? Check to make sure it’s in the right place according to the documentation of your specific airframe.

Good luck.