VTOL Fix Wing Motor test


I try to setup my first VTOL configuration. I use the following setup.

Pixhawk 4 (PX4 Pro), Firmware 1.10. 0


PH.pdf (69.6 KB)

MC mode ist working and the First fly was succsesfull. My question is how to the the motor in the fix wing mode?

Start the system in stabils mode, arme the system und MC is working, if I change to FW mode motor is not working.

also tried this setup (VTOL w/o Airspeed Sensor Β· PX4 v1.9.0 User Guide) but motor is also not working. Before I start the transition I will be sure the the motor is working.

How can I test the FW mode and motor?

Thanks for help


Hi @schally73,

Were you able to solve your issues by now? If not, could you please share a logfile of such a unsuccessful benchtest? (https://docs.px4.io/v1.10/en/getting_started/flight_reporting.html) . It’s much easier then to find the issue.