First VTOL flight advice


I am trying to figure out the VTOL functionality, namely what to expect when trying to do a transition.
I have a drone which flies good in Multicopter and Fixed Wing mode.

Beside setting up blending airspeed, transition airspeed, transition time and so forth, how do I try out the transition in the safest way?
If I keep it in Position mode and hit the switch, will it start the transition phase and after it is done, continue in FW Position Mode? Or shoud I try it out in Stabilized Mode?

Figuring out by reading the code is not that simple, so I would appreciate some help from more experienced people.

Thanks in advance.

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Personally, this is the process I have used with my builds.

Bench testing:

  • First and foremost, remove all props
  • In MC and Stabilize Mode arm and start motors.
  • Bring throttle passed mid setting and change from there to full up and down range to make sure it’s responding properly.
  • Tilt the aircraft in pitch and roll to confirm the motors are responding appropriately.
  • Set Throttle at mid position and switch to FW Mode to confirm FW motor starts up.
  • Blow into airspeed to confirm MC motors shut down and FW motor responds in full range throttle positions.

Flight testing.

  • In MC and Stabilize Mode, arm and start motors.
  • Leave in full idle to confirm if the motors shut down automatically to confirm “Landed” condition.
  • Restart motors and takeoff and hover no more than 4-5 feet and test pitch, roll and yaw are responding appropriately. If all good, continue hover climb to 100-150 feet.
  • At your decided altitude, face aircraft into the wind and bring back throttle to mid position, then switch to FW Mode.
  • Keep your finger on the switch in case something goes awry and be able to quickly switch back to MC Mode.
  • When transition is completed, fly around in Stabilize, then test Altitude and Position Modes. Again, always be ready to switch back to Stabilize or even MC Mode if something goes wrong.

You can see what I went through with my RVJet conversion.

Here’s one where I had to quickly switch back to MC Mode to avoid a disaster.

Good luck.

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