How test the Fixed Wing function on a VTOL

Hello togehter,
I try to build a Delta Quad VTOL. For the frame I have chosen the “Go Discover” from Hobbyking.
I have installed the Pixhawk with PX4 and was be able to ARM the controler.
To test the Multicopter function is no problem as this would be the start configuration.

My question is now what I have to do to test the Fixed Wing functions as elevon and motor?
Of course I could select a “Flying Wing” but then I have always to reconenct the wires from the controler output.

Would be nice to get some ideas.

Thanks and best regards.

Which airframe did you select? If configured as a VTOL when you’re on the ground you can hit the transition switch to enter fixed wing mode and then do the checkout like a regular plane.

But be careful, if you selected the DeltaQuad as airframe it will have quadchute enabled by default, to bench test you must disable that


Dear Daniel and Sander,
Thank you very much for your comments. It help me very much to understood the sytem quite more.
I have select the airframe type: VTOL Quad Tailsitter - Vehicle: Quadrotor X Tailsitter - Firmware version: 1.6.2dev

On the Flight mode page I have select one switch from the RC for “VTOL mode switch”
The mode channel if have set to “Stabilized”, “Attitude” and “Manual” for the begin.

According to the manual the AUX3 output shpild be for the plane motor and the Main output 1 to 4 for the copter motors.
I have connect a ozilloscope to AUX3 and Main1.
If I ARM the system (the mode switch is on Manual" and the VTOL switch is on “0” the output on Main1 works like estimated. If I switch the VTOL switch to “1” the Main1 go to 1100us and keep stable there regardless which stick I move.

This means to me that the VTOL switch is working also the outputs Main1 to Main4.

@Sander, I have look for a parameter to switch off the quadchute - but didn’t find.
I found the parameter VT_FW_MIN_ALT (QuadChute). The setting is “0”

So the plane motor test is still a problem.

Thanks and best regards,

Hello Daniel and Sander,
Finaly I found the problem.
I selecet the VTOL Delta Qaud according to the airframe selection at the QGC.
But this was not correct.
After I change the parameter SYS_AUTOSTART to 13013, like written in the user guide, it works correct.
I will post later on how the first flys running.

Thanks and best regards,