Throttle unstable & Accel 0&1 clipping causing a crash

Hi all,

I need a log file reader expert plz🙏🏻
I had a flight with mini quadcopter drone using MRO pixracer FC and PX4 1.13.3 release I flew in stabilized flight mode first and all was ok then I tried position flight mode the drone hovered ok then I increase throttle little and drone went fast up like it’s stuck in a high throttle or something so I applied kill switch mid air and then I deactivated it to fly again and it did the same way and then made a kill switch mode again and drone crashed. My question what caused that acceleration instability & failure and unstable throttle acceleration in position mode? I saw warnings about ACCEL 0 clipping! Please find log below


it is because of the high vibration of your drone
follow this link to reduce the vibration
make sure the motors and props are parallel to the ground. Take a look at this link
calibrate the sensors of the flight controller in the test field

here you can see the accel clipping as stated in the log file.

The reason is mostly phisitcal so try to fix that.
If you did everything mintioned and you still have vibration you can reduce IMU_DGAYRO_CUTOFF to 20 or even 15Hz and ** IMU_GYRO_CUTOFF** to 30Hz if thats help.