Holybro X500 crash due to high oscillations

Hello everybody,
I am using Holybro X500 drone kit with pixhawk4 mini, I have flown for some times now and most of the time I experience heavy oscillations around the X axis, and high accelerations on Y axis, as seen in the LOG file.
I thought it may be a lose battery but in the last flight i have tightened with zip ties to the frame. the frame and all of its components are very stiff, and the Pixhawk is connected via foam pads that come with the kit. no cables coming out of the Pixhawk are interfering its ability to move freely on the foams.
I didn’t modify anything else on the drone, perhaps the PID parameters are not good?

I have also flew it with weight (300gram and 800gram) and the drone seemed to be very stable without any vibrations

The Crash log:

A good fly log with 300 gram weight:

Any help would be very appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

After doing some Investigation I think I figured the main problem:

It was caused by high IMU_GYRO_CUTOFF/ MC_DTERM_CUTOFF parameters