Telemetry: Out of the box Lua script solution?

Dear PX4 community

I am wondering why there is no simple out-of-the-box solution to display telemetry on the RC. There are many cool and well-maintained projects for e.g. ardupilot or inav, but PX4 stands somehow back here. Is there a reason for that? Do PX4 users/devs typically rather use QGC?

Thx for the insight!

Links to other projects:

I got this working to a point. I did not need the teensie, I found a cable that connected from Telem 2 to the sport and sent the telemetry as PX4 now supports SPORT telemetry.
Take a look here:

But I found it was not that useful. The RSSI and battery level was all I used on the RX.

I recommend you get a telemetry radio and a cheap android tablet and use QGC (will not work on IOS, unless you rigup WIFI). This will show you the map and all the rest. Plus you can tweak settings in the field.

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Thx for the super quick follow-up!
Currently, I have S.Port on Telem1 and a SiK radio on Telem2. Both work nicely on the pixhawk 5X!
I don’t think it is one versus the other but I kind of like having visualized telemetry as much as possible also on the RC e.g. with an artificial horizon…big fan of situational awareness here :slight_smile:
So this discussion is maybe more around the visual presentation on the RC. Given that i.e. the yapuu telemetry Lua scripts don’t work for PX4, I am wondering why there is not something similar for PX4.

It absolutely works quite well. Just follow the step-by-step process as you found in:

I have several VTOL and planes that have it.

Here’s a video of the early version I made back in 2021. All my Yaapu LUA now have the moving map integration on a RadioMaster TX16S.

Good luck.

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Ok, thank your for the quick reply!
So I guess there is currently no plug-and-play solution and I will try your setup.
Is a teensy 4.x also working for your setup?

Probably, but I don’t have first hand knowledge. You can post any question or issue with Eric, the developer.

Good luck.

The link is dead, unfortunately. Is this correct:

Hmmm… here’s the URL . You can post any question there or contact Eric_Stockenstrom directly.

Good luck.