Telemetry cable for Pixhawk1 and Frsky / Taranis

I would like to get telemetry to my Taranis radio ( mainly battery status )
I have both a X4R and a X8R receiver, can use any of them.

Does anyone know if these work with PX4 ?

All ears for any other solution… I haven’t been able to find any up to date information on the topic, just some old links:


I believe this one works, but I haven’t personally done this.

I got a cable from below address, it works fine. I am using yaapu telemetry script on my Taranis X9D. really cool

Look up mavlink to passthru with teensy 3.2. I was able to get yaapu script working on pixhawk 4 running px4 1.8.2

For anyone interested, check out this post on Yaapu LUA for PX4 stack.

Good luck.