Frsky telemetry sensors

Hi all.
I have a Frsky RX8R receiver and Taranis QX7 hardware.
I purchased a special cable for signal conversion, and in PX4 firmware, on QGroundControl
configured the telemetry port Frsky (TEL_FRSKY_CONFIG = 102: TELEM 2) in accordance with the cable connector on the pixhawk 4 clone flight controller.
But for some reason my taranis does not find sensors and I don’t understand why …

Can you provide the output of frsky_telemetry status on the shell?

Your cable only works for ArduPilot. You need to use a Teensy. Here’s a step-by-step.

Good luck.

Hi, I am using a Taranis X9D and R-XSR Receiver with a Pixhawk 4 and my Taranis can’t detect the sensors either.
According to FrSky Telemetry | PX4 User Guide I should be able to directly connect Receiver S.Port to Telem2 TX

frsky_telemetry status reports:
running: Scanning
port: /dev/ttyS2

Thanks for any help!

Edit: I recreated the exact same setup with an XSR Receiver and it works flawlessly

Update: I got it to work, the problem was, that the R-XSR uses the F.Port protocol on the S.Port Pin by default, when it is flashed with the Access firmware (2.1.7 in my case: )
To change this, you have to manually set the output to S.port with the radio, as described in R-XSR Fport connection to KAKUTE F7 HDV FC | IntoFPV Forum
With the ACCST D16 Firmware just use the non F.Port version (RXSR_ACCST_2.1.1_Fport_LBT.frk in my case)
Hope it helps!