Displaying flight info on Radio?

Hi everyone,

I would like to display flight information such as battery level or failsafe info directly to the radio transmitter.
I found this page

my material:

  • Pixhawk x2.1
  • FrSky Taranis plus radio transmitter
  • FrSky XSR ACCST receiver

So as far I understand, I need to connect the telemetry Tx to the receiver S.port pin.

My three questions are:

  • Do I need to invert the signals by hardware (the X2.1 is STM32F4) ? or is it possible to do it by software ?
  • Do I need to connect TX from TELEM1 or is there potentially another pin I could use ? (Sbus out SORI maybe ?)
  • Do I need to configure anything in the software ?

Let me know if anybody successfully established this connection and how to do it.

Thank you very much.


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I’ve done the FrSky Telemetry on a Pixhawk 1 and had to use the v1.8.0 Developer/Master. See my post on how I did mine. I used the Craft & Theory cable and successfully worked on FrSky X6R and X8R receivers.

Good luck.


Hi everyone,

I was too cheap to order the cables, but I found this website https://oscarliang.com/uninverted-sbus-smart-port-frsky-receivers/ which indicates where the uninverted signals are located on the receiver boards.

So I soldered two cables on the XSR receiver and I connected them point B to Rx and point A to Tx of TELEM2… that’s it.

For my setup (mRo x2.1 running on PX4), I had to connect both the Rx and Tx cables. By connecting Tx only, PX4 told me the telemetry module was scanning but not sending anything. You can check that PX4 is sending data by typing frsky_telemetry status in the NSH console. The signals sent and received on the XSR receiver are 3.3V (I checked with an oscilloscope).

Good luck with the soldering :slight_smile: