Sync error

Hello !
I am new to this field and am on the learning stage of pixhawk. I am following the px4 developer guide on dronecode and am on the initial configuration section. I get this error
“Error: Sync: Send Command: Invalid sync response: 0x0d 0x0a
Upgrade cancelled”
I tried to catch up with videos for two days but I dont know where am going wrong. I am using px4 v2.
Thank you for your time !

Make sure that USB cable is connected directly and you don’t have anything else (like an FTDI or radio) connected. You might also want to try different USB cables. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I have some cables that are very unreliable for flashing.

Thanks a lot dagar ! I will try and keep you posted.

Nope ! It does not work

YOu are directly connected and you tried multiple cables? Make sure the mini-usb side of the cable isn’t lose in connector.

I tried with what you said. It does not work. However today morning I used the stable releases of qgroundcontrol on windows and it worked!!! The one am trying with is on a VM with one of the daily builds of qgroundconrol

Apologies ! I was using a stable release(applimage) on ubuntu 16.04

Are you runing the Stable release that works in a VM as well. I’ve found that flashing from a VM can tend to be flaky.

Hey Don !
I just used a stable release. There was no section for VM in downloads of qgroundcontrol. Please correct me if I am wrong

What I meant was if you are running QGC in a Linux VM autpilot flashing can get flaky. Whereas when running Linix directly it works better.

I got it. I will do that and keep you posted.
Thanks a lot Don !