QGC Linux and Pixfalcon - no Power setup

Hi All,
We’ve got a pixfalcon based home-built quadcopter and using QGC 3.2 on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04.2) for quite a while without problems.
We were always able to run through the whole calibration process and we ended up with a flying quadcopter.

I just recently updated the PX4 firmware to latest stable release and (I think) since then the whole Power battery calibration section in QGC is blank.
I can see the calibration values in Parameters, but since the PX4 firmware update the Gyro and Power needed recalibration - gyro recalibration was easy, but went to Power section and there’s nothing there!

I updated QGC using the Linux app image, v3.2.2 and the issue still exists - retried PX4 firmware update too, no difference - Power section still missing.

I gave in and installed QGC on Windows 7 x64 from the latest stable download - Power section is available and working - I was able to calibrate the battery voltage as per normal.

Is this a known issue? any work-arounds? I’d prefer to keep using QGC on Linux.

Quadcopter still flies well and battery calibration is good.

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PX4 version reports as 1.6.5dev even though I select Stable during firmware update.

I flashed the Pixfalcon back to 1.6.3 Stable FMUv2 - no difference to the Power section in QGC.
Flashed 1.6.5 again, default in QGC, and had to manually “calibrate” the voltage divider value in Parameters again.
Power section still all blank in QGC.

Use either a newer Stable or Daily build

I’ve found the latest stable version of QGC AppImage that shows the Power setup is v3.1.3
The later versions (3.2.x) all have the missing Power setup - the icon is there on the left, it just produces a blank “page”.
Different PX4 firmware versions didnt make any difference to this behaviour.

As mentioned earlier, the standard Windows download has the working Power setup too, so I’m guessing something went a-miss in the build or packaging.

If I get time I’ll try the Linux zip downloads instead of the appimage.

Just realizing here has been a build system screw up. Linux 3.2.3 is not posted. Should get fixed in a day or so.

Thanks DonLakeFlyer - I’ll try out the new build when I see it.

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I tried QGC 3.2.3 via appimage and via zip on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS - still no Power setup and no camera section either.
They do appear in the Windows QGC but I cant always use Windows since it’s a work computer,
I don’t really want to go back to an earlier version of QGC (where those sections do work) because I want the improved Mission features.

Let me know if there’s more info I can provide to help with resolving this.

Looks like it’s still out of whack. I think the source it out of sync with that fix. Can you double-check the daily build AppImage to see if that works. Just want to make sure. Then I’ll figure out 3.2.3

Fixed and verified in 3.2.4

Confirmed: 3.2.4 appimage now working good - it’s got all sections including Power and Camera and of course the newer mission features.
Thanks a lot DonLakeFlyer - hopefully one day I can contribute more than just pointing out the problems.