QSslSocket cannot resolve

Today I tried to Update PX4, FC Firmware. 1st Problem was FMU ver2, enabled SYS_FMU_upgrade after flashing New 1.10.1 Firmware FMU ver3, loaded & Installed. Rebooted, Px4 beeped like crazy. Looked at Console: a Gazillion errors (E) and some other items (D), trying to Sort & Seek solutions. Not having much luck though…? I don’t know if the QSslSocket cannot resolve Issues… is a PX4 error or a QGC error…? Also don’t understand what half of the errors mean…? Been reading all day, PX4 & QGC Manuals/Docs… Or could the QSslSocket errors be from Linux MX-19 O/S…? I did save the Log file as .Txt, not sure if I can Post it here or not…? Someone please me know…? Thanks in Advance…!

QSslSocket is coming from QGC. Make sure you are using daily build as first thing. Second thing what OS?

Hi Don; What is Daily build…? Sounds like it’s not a permanent fixture…? My OS is MX-19 Linux OS. It all worked fine before 1.10.1 but I read where there’s 3 programs, OpenSSL, Qt5, and QSsl. Qt5 (QT Network Specifically). These warnings are printed by Qt5 when it loads OpenSSL Libraries at run time, but it does not find the above mentioned functions in them (probably because OpenSSL Libraries are too old). The warnings are not Fatal, but it said possible OpenSSL Libraries are out dated. It also said that Qt5 relies on OpenSSL version 1.0, all I could find on my Laptop was OpenSSL 1.1, 1.2… So I went Linux’s Synaptic Package Manager and entered OpenSSL 1.0 in the Search box. It appeared, I reloaded that file from repositories then marked for Install, and then hit Apply and it downloaded and Installed OpenSSL version 1.0… I rebooted Laptop, opened QGC,AppImage, connected Pixhawk PX4 Flight Controller via USB port, did a Firmware upgrade, again, and all was good…! No more warnings…! So I would call the case closed for now, still wondering what the “Daily Build is”…? perhaps the Dev’s could include OpenSSL version 1.0 along with the 1.1 and 1.2 versions, to be safe, it took me days to find that solution…?

There are two version of QGC available:

  • Stable - This is the highest quality version of released QGC. But it is only updated infrequently. For example Stable is now over a year old. A new Stable 4.0 is about to be released.
  • Daily Build - These are the very newest bits of QGC you can get. They quality may be somewhat lower than Stable due to all the change.

Both build types are available from the web site.

That is correct. Released builds of QGC are tested to work on Ubuntu. QGC generaelly works fine on other Linuxes as well but not always and not always with all versions of other Linux distros. Or at least not without some possible custom tweaking on that distro. Which may require specific knowledge of that distro and Qt requirements.

Hi Don;
Thanks for the explanation of the Stable & Daily Build…! I’ve seen them both being available but was inclined to use the Stable Version = Less Problems…? Which would you Recommend…? I built an S500mm Quad-copter w/Pixhawk PX4 Pro Auto-pilot, haven’t even flown it yet because of FAA’s new NPRM & Remote ID. But in my area, Southern Mountains of New Mexico, USA the whole area is under Flight Restrictions…! I’d have travel about 100 miles in any direction to find Class G Airspace…? Thanks again Man…! Appreciate it muchly…! =)

In general I would recommend Stable for most people to start with. I recommend Daily for folks when I know there have been changes in the area they are having problems with. This way the can validate whether or not the problem has already been fixed. With the case of OpenSSL this is the case. The Daily builds have modifications with respect to this. Hence testing a daily is a good way to go.

All of that said. As it stands right at this moment Stable and Daily are pretty much the same. The reason is because Stable 4.0 is in the process of being rolled out. So if you install Stable from the web site you will get 4.0 which has the new OpenSSL stuff in it. So I would recommend doing that and testing.

Thanks again…! I looked at downloaded the Daily Build today, it’s like 10 MB’s larger than the current version 3.5.6 I’m using. Since the Parameters for my Quad-copter are set in version 3.5.6 I’m guessing I should copy the Parameter file to the Micro SD Card to avoid re-doing all the Parameters on my Quad…? But I will check them out when I open the Daily Build to see if any of them need to be changed, right…? =) Does the Pixhawk PX4 Pro Autopilot change very often…? =)

Parameters are stored on the vehicle. There is no need to save them when you upgrade QGC.

ok…! Great thanks…! =)